Just wanted to share our philosophy as a business, and give additional details on our upcoming programming. 

The Soccer Factory is designed as a compliment to your son’s or daughter’s current training schedule. As we all know, there are gaps in what can be provided with a traditional club practice schedule, and it’s no fault of any club or team. Time, space, equipment, etc all put constraints on the amount of work coaches and clubs can dedicate to our kids. It goes without saying this environment can only get you so far as an elite athlete. Those that desire to reach the next level MUST fill the gaps with focused, specialized work! Very few can accomplish their goals with two days a week and a game on the weekend. It’s just not enough hours to master the game. The Soccer Factory was created and designed to provide this service!

Our programs will offer daily training seven days a week, drop in sessions, summer camps, and more in our brand new 4,000 square foot facility! If you are a member you get first come, first serve access to lock in on dates and times before anyone else. The initial response has been incredible and spots are filling up fast. If you want the opportunity to grow your game by putting in the extra work others are not willing to do contact us immediately! 

For planning purposes we ask all payments for summer camps be secured by March 30, 2020 at the latest.

Current programs:

Monthly Memberships
The Soccer Factory Membership Program Levels:
Bronze – $129/month for 6 sessions & Soccer Factory t-shirt
Titanium – $181/month for unlimited sessions & Soccer Factory t-shirt
Platinum – $206/month for unlimited sessions, SF t-shirt, and monthly video analysis

Drop-In Sessions:
$26/session depending on availability
Group sessions
All Weekdays 4-10 pm
Saturdays & Sundays 9 am – 7 pm

Individual sessions
Saturdays & Sundays 7-10 pm

Summer Camps: (March 30th deadline for registration!!!)
WEEK 1 June 29th – July 3rd (20 player max @ $150)

WEEK 2 July 20th – 24th (20 player max @ $150)

WEEK 3 July 27th – 31st (20 player max @ $150)

WEEK 4 August 3rd – 7th (20 player max @ $150)

WEEK 5 August 10th – 14th (20 player max @ $150)

WEEK 6 August 17th – 21st (20 player max @ $150)

WEEK 7 August 24th – 28th (20 player max @ $150)

WEEK 8 August 31st – September 4th (20 player max @ $150)